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Baby Angel Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👼🏻 meaning)

Baby Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👶🏻 meaning)

Backhand Index Pointing Down Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👇🏻 meaning)

Backhand Index Pointing Left Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👈🏻 meaning)

Backhand Index Pointing Up Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👆🏻 meaning)

Person Biking Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚴🏻 meaning)

Man: Light Skin Tone, Blond Hair(👱🏻♂ meaning)

Person: Light Skin Tone, Blond Hair(👱🏻 meaning)

Woman: Light Skin Tone, Blond Hair(👱🏻♀ meaning)

Boy Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👦🏻 meaning)

Breast-Feeding Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤱🏻 meaning)

Bride with Veil Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👰🏻 meaning)

Call Me Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤙🏻 meaning)

Person Cartwheeling Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤸🏻 meaning)

Child Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧒🏻 meaning)

Clapping Hands Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👏🏻 meaning)

Construction Worker Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👷🏻 meaning)

Crossed Fingers Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤞🏻 meaning)

Detective Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🕵🏻 meaning)

Ear Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👂🏻 meaning)

Elf Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧝🏻 meaning)

Person Facepalming Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤦🏻 meaning)

Fairy Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧚🏻 meaning)

Oncoming Fist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👊🏻 meaning)

Flexed Biceps Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💪🏻 meaning)

Folded Hands Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙏🏻 meaning)

Girl Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👧🏻 meaning)

Person Golfing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏌🏻 meaning)

Guard Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💂🏻 meaning)

Person Getting Haircut Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💇🏻 meaning)

Person Playing Handball Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤾🏻 meaning)

Horse Racing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏇🏻 meaning)

Index Pointing Up Emoji with Light Skin Tone(☝🏻 meaning)

Person Juggling Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤹🏻 meaning)

Left-Facing Fist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤛🏻 meaning)

Light Skin Tone(🏻 meaning)

Love-You Gesture Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤟🏻 meaning)

Mage Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧙🏻 meaning)

Man Artist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🎨 meaning)

Man Astronaut Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🚀 meaning)

Man: Light Skin Tone, Beard(🧔🏻 meaning)

Man Biking Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚴🏻♂ meaning)

Man Bouncing Ball Emoji with Light Skin Tone(⛹🏻♂ meaning)

Man Bowing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙇🏻♂ meaning)

Man Cartwheeling Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤸🏻♂ meaning)

Man Climbing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧗🏻♂ meaning)

Man Construction Worker Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👷🏻♂ meaning)

Man Cook Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🍳 meaning)

Man Dancing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🕺🏻 meaning)

Man Detective Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🕵🏻♂ meaning)

Man Elf Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧝🏻♂ meaning)

Man Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻 meaning)

Man Facepalming Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤦🏻♂ meaning)

Man Factory Worker Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🏭 meaning)

Man Fairy Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧚🏻♂ meaning)

Man Farmer Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🌾 meaning)

Man Firefighter Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🚒 meaning)

Man Frowning Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙍🏻♂ meaning)

Man Gesturing No Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙅🏻♂ meaning)

Man Gesturing Ok Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙆🏻♂ meaning)

Man Getting Haircut Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💇🏻♂ meaning)

Man Getting Massage Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💆🏻♂ meaning)

Man Golfing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏌🏻♂ meaning)

Man Guard Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💂🏻♂ meaning)

Man Health Worker Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻⚕ meaning)

Man in Suit Levitating Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🕴🏻 meaning)

Man in Lotus Position Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧘🏻♂ meaning)

Man in Steamy Room Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧖🏻♂ meaning)

Man in Tuxedo Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤵🏻 meaning)

Man Judge Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻⚖ meaning)

Man Juggling Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤹🏻♂ meaning)

Man Lifting Weights Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏋🏻♂ meaning)

Man Mage Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧙🏻♂ meaning)

Man Mechanic Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🔧 meaning)

Man Mountain Biking Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚵🏻♂ meaning)

Man Office Worker Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻💼 meaning)

Man Pilot Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻✈ meaning)

Man Playing Handball Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤾🏻♂ meaning)

Man Playing Water Polo Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤽🏻♂ meaning)

Man Police Officer Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👮🏻♂ meaning)

Man Pouting Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙎🏻♂ meaning)

Man Raising Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙋🏻♂ meaning)

Man Rowing Boat Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚣🏻♂ meaning)

Man Running Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏃🏻♂ meaning)

Man Scientist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🔬 meaning)

Man Shrugging Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤷🏻♂ meaning)

Man Singer Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🎤 meaning)

Man Student Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🎓 meaning)

Man Surfing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏄🏻♂ meaning)

Man Swimming Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏊🏻♂ meaning)

Man Teacher Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻🏫 meaning)

Man Technologist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👨🏻💻 meaning)

Man Tipping Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💁🏻♂ meaning)

Man Vampire Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧛🏻♂ meaning)

Man Walking Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚶🏻♂ meaning)

Man Wearing Turban Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👳🏻♂ meaning)

Man with Chinese Cap Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👲🏻 meaning)

Person Getting Massage Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💆🏻 meaning)

Mermaid Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧜🏻♀ meaning)

Merman Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧜🏻♂ meaning)

Merperson Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧜🏻 meaning)

Middle Finger Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🖕🏻 meaning)

Person Mountain Biking Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚵🏻 meaning)

Mrs. Claus Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤶🏻 meaning)

Nail Polish Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💅🏻 meaning)

Nose Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👃🏻 meaning)

Ok Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👌🏻 meaning)

Old Man Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👴🏻 meaning)

Old Woman Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👵🏻 meaning)

Older Person Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧓🏻 meaning)

Open Hands Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👐🏻 meaning)

Palms Up Together Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤲🏻 meaning)

Person Walking Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚶🏻 meaning)

Person Bouncing Ball Emoji with Light Skin Tone(⛹🏻 meaning)

Person Bowing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙇🏻 meaning)

Person Climbing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧗🏻 meaning)

Person Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧑🏻 meaning)

Person Frowning Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙍🏻 meaning)

Person Gesturing No Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙅🏻 meaning)

Person Gesturing Ok Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙆🏻 meaning)

Person in Bed Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🛌🏻 meaning)

Person in Lotus Position Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧘🏻 meaning)

Person in Steamy Room Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧖🏻 meaning)

Person Pouting Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙎🏻 meaning)

Person Raising Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙋🏻 meaning)

Person Taking Bath Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🛀🏻 meaning)

Person Tipping Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💁🏻 meaning)

Person Wearing Turban Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👳🏻 meaning)

Backhand Index Pointing Right Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👉🏻 meaning)

Police Officer Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👮🏻 meaning)

Pregnant Woman Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤰🏻 meaning)

Prince Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤴🏻 meaning)

Princess Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👸🏻 meaning)

Raised Back of Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤚🏻 meaning)

Raised Fist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(✊🏻 meaning)

Raised Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(✋🏻 meaning)

Raising Hands Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙌🏻 meaning)

Right-Facing Fist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤜🏻 meaning)

Person Rowing Boat Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚣🏻 meaning)

Person Running Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏃🏻 meaning)

Santa Claus Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🎅🏻 meaning)

Selfie Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤳🏻 meaning)

Person Shrugging Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤷🏻 meaning)

Sign of the Horns Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤘🏻 meaning)

Snowboarder Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏂🏻 meaning)

Hand with Fingers Splayed Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🖐🏻 meaning)

Person Surfing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏄🏻 meaning)

Person Swimming Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏊🏻 meaning)

Thumbs Down Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👎🏻 meaning)

Thumbs Up Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👍🏻 meaning)

Vampire Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧛🏻 meaning)

Victory Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(✌🏻 meaning)

Vulcan Salute Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🖖🏻 meaning)

Person Playing Water Polo Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤽🏻 meaning)

Waving Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👋🏻 meaning)

Person Lifting Weights Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏋🏻 meaning)

Woman Artist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🎨 meaning)

Woman Astronaut Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🚀 meaning)

Woman Biking Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚴🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Bouncing Ball Emoji with Light Skin Tone(⛹🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Bowing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙇🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Cartwheeling Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤸🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Climbing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧗🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Construction Worker Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👷🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Cook Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🍳 meaning)

Woman Dancing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💃🏻 meaning)

Woman Detective Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🕵🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Elf Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧝🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻 meaning)

Woman Facepalming Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤦🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Factory Worker Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🏭 meaning)

Woman Fairy Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧚🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Farmer Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🌾 meaning)

Woman Firefighter Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🚒 meaning)

Woman Frowning Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙍🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Gesturing No Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙅🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Gesturing Ok Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙆🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Getting Haircut Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💇🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Getting Massage Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💆🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Golfing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏌🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Guard Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💂🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Health Worker Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻⚕ meaning)

Woman in Lotus Position Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧘🏻♀ meaning)

Woman in Steamy Room Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧖🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Judge Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻⚖ meaning)

Woman Juggling Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤹🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Lifting Weights Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏋🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Mage Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧙🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Mechanic Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🔧 meaning)

Woman Mountain Biking Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚵🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Office Worker Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻💼 meaning)

Woman Pilot Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻✈ meaning)

Woman Playing Handball Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤾🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Playing Water Polo Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤽🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Police Officer Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👮🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Pouting Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙎🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Raising Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🙋🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Rowing Boat Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚣🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Running Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏃🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Scientist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🔬 meaning)

Woman Shrugging Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🤷🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Singer Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🎤 meaning)

Woman Student Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🎓 meaning)

Woman Surfing Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏄🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Swimming Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🏊🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Teacher Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻🏫 meaning)

Woman Technologist Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👩🏻💻 meaning)

Woman Tipping Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(💁🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Vampire Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧛🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Walking Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🚶🏻♀ meaning)

Woman Wearing Turban Emoji with Light Skin Tone(👳🏻♀ meaning)

Woman with Headscarf Emoji with Light Skin Tone(🧕🏻 meaning)

Writing Hand Emoji with Light Skin Tone(✍🏻 meaning)

2nd Place Medal Emoji(🥈 meaning)

3rd Place Medal Emoji(🥉 meaning)

Old Man Emoji with Dark Skin Tone(👴🏿 meaning)

Admission Tickets Emoji(🎟 meaning)

Aerial Tramway Emoji(🚡 meaning)

Airplane Arrival Emoji(🛬 meaning)

Airplane Departure Emoji(🛫 meaning)

Airplane Emoji(✈ meaning)

Alarm Clock Emoji(⏰ meaning)

Alembic Emoji(⚗ meaning)

Alien Emoji(👽 meaning)

Alien Monster Emoji(👾 meaning)

Ambulance Emoji(🚑 meaning)

American Football Emoji(🏈 meaning)

Amphora Emoji(🏺 meaning)

Anchor Emoji(⚓ meaning)

Anger Symbol(💢 meaning)

Angry Face Emoji(😠 meaning)

Anguished Face Emoji(😧 meaning)

Ant Emoji(🐜 meaning)

Antenna Bars Emoji(📶 meaning)

Aquarius Emoji(♒ meaning)

Aries Emoji(♈ meaning)

Articulated Lorry Emoji(🚛 meaning)

Artist Palette Emoji(🎨 meaning)

Running Shoe Emoji(👟 meaning)

Atm Sign Emoji(🏧 meaning)

Atom Symbol(⚛ meaning)

Avocado Emoji(🥑 meaning)

Baby Angel Emoji(👼 meaning)

Baby Bottle Emoji(🍼 meaning)

Baby Chick Emoji(🐤 meaning)

Baby Emoji(👶 meaning)

Baby Symbol(🚼 meaning)

Back Arrow Emoji(🔙 meaning)

Bacon Emoji(🥓 meaning)

Badminton Emoji(🏸 meaning)

Baggage Claim Emoji(🛄 meaning)

Baguette Bread Emoji(🥖 meaning)

Balance Scale Emoji(⚖ meaning)

Balloon Emoji(🎈 meaning)

Ballot Box with Ballot Emoji(🗳 meaning)

Banana Emoji(🍌 meaning)

Bank Emoji(🏦 meaning)

Dollar Banknote Emoji(💵 meaning)

Bar Chart Emoji(📊 meaning)

Barber Pole Emoji(💈 meaning)

Baseball Emoji(⚾ meaning)

Basketball Emoji(🏀 meaning)

Bat Emoji(🦇 meaning)

Bathtub Emoji(🛁 meaning)

Battery Emoji(🔋 meaning)

Beach with Umbrella Emoji(🏖 meaning)

Beating Heart Emoji(💓 meaning)

Bed Emoji(🛏 meaning)

Bell Emoji(🔔 meaning)

Bell with Slash Emoji(🔕 meaning)

Bellhop Bell Emoji(🛎 meaning)

Bento Box Emoji(🍱 meaning)

Bikini Emoji(👙 meaning)

Billed Cap Emoji(🧢 meaning)

Biohazard Emoji(☣ meaning)

Bird Emoji(🐦 meaning)

Birthday Cake Emoji(🎂 meaning)

Club Suit Emoji(♣ meaning)

Diamond Suit Emoji(♦ meaning)

Black Heart Emoji(🖤 meaning)

Heart Suit Emoji(♥ meaning)

Reverse Button Emoji(◀ meaning)

Black Nib Emoji(✒ meaning)

Fast-Forward Button Emoji(⏩ meaning)

Play Button Emoji(▶ meaning)

Right Arrow Emoji(➡ meaning)

Scissors Emoji(✂ meaning)

Spade Suit Emoji(♠ meaning)

Sun Emoji(☀ meaning)

Blossom Emoji(🌼 meaning)

Blowfish Emoji(🐡 meaning)

Blue Book Emoji(📘 meaning)

Blue Heart Emoji(💙 meaning)

Boar Emoji(🐗 meaning)

Bomb Emoji(💣 meaning)

Bookmark Emoji(🔖 meaning)

Bookmark Tabs Emoji(📑 meaning)

Books Emoji(📚 meaning)

Bouquet Emoji(💐 meaning)

Bow and Arrow Emoji(🏹 meaning)

Bowl with Spoon Emoji(🥣 meaning)

Bowling Emoji(🎳 meaning)

Boxing Glove Emoji(🥊 meaning)

Boy Emoji(👦 meaning)

Brain Emoji(🧠 meaning)

Bread Emoji(🍞 meaning)

Breast-Feeding Emoji(🤱 meaning)

Bridge At Night Emoji(🌉 meaning)

Briefcase Emoji(💼 meaning)

Broccoli Emoji(🥦 meaning)

Broken Heart Emoji(💔 meaning)

Bug Emoji(🐛 meaning)

Building Construction Emoji(🏗 meaning)

Bullet Train Emoji(🚅 meaning)

Burrito Emoji(🌯 meaning)

Bus Emoji(🚌 meaning)

Bus Stop Emoji(🚏 meaning)

Bust in Silhouette Emoji(👤 meaning)

Busts in Silhouette Emoji(👥 meaning)

Butterfly Emoji(🦋 meaning)

Cactus Emoji(🌵 meaning)

Calendar Emoji(📅 meaning)

Call Me Hand Emoji(🤙 meaning)

Camel Emoji(🐪 meaning)

Camera Emoji(📷 meaning)

Camera with Flash Emoji(📸 meaning)

Camping Emoji(🏕 meaning)

Cancer Emoji(♋ meaning)

Candle Emoji(🕯 meaning)

Candy Emoji(🍬 meaning)

Canned Food Emoji(🥫 meaning)

Canoe Emoji(🛶 meaning)

Capricorn Emoji(♑ meaning)

Card File Box Emoji(🗃 meaning)

Card Index Dividers Emoji(🗂 meaning)

Card Index Emoji(📇 meaning)

Carousel Horse Emoji(🎠 meaning)

Carp Streamer Emoji(🎏 meaning)

Carrot Emoji(🥕 meaning)

Castle Emoji(🏰 meaning)

Cat Emoji(🐈 meaning)

Cat Face Emoji(🐱 meaning)

Cat Face with Wry Smile Emoji(😼 meaning)

Chains Emoji(⛓ meaning)

Chart Decreasing Emoji(📉 meaning)

Chart Increasing Emoji(📈 meaning)

Chart Increasing with Yen Emoji(💹 meaning)

Megaphone Emoji(📣 meaning)

Cheese Wedge Emoji(🧀 meaning)

Chequered Flag Emoji(🏁 meaning)

Cherries Emoji(🍒 meaning)

Chestnut Emoji(🌰 meaning)

Chicken Emoji(🐔 meaning)

Child Emoji(🧒 meaning)

Children Crossing Emoji(🚸 meaning)

Chipmunk Emoji(🐿 meaning)

Chocolate Bar Emoji(🍫 meaning)

Chopsticks Emoji(🥢 meaning)

Christmas Tree Emoji(🎄 meaning)

Church Emoji(⛪ meaning)

Cinema Emoji(🎦 meaning)

Circus Tent Emoji(🎪 meaning)

Cityscape At Dusk Emoji(🌆 meaning)

Cityscape Emoji(🏙 meaning)

Clamp Emoji(🗜 meaning)

Clapper Board Emoji(🎬 meaning)

Classical Building Emoji(🏛 meaning)

Clinking Beer Mugs Emoji(🍻 meaning)

Clinking Glasses Emoji(🥂 meaning)

Clipboard Emoji(📋 meaning)

Clockwise Vertical Arrows Emoji(🔃 meaning)

Closed Book Emoji(📕 meaning)

Locked with Key Emoji(🔐 meaning)

Closed Mailbox with Lowered Flag Emoji(📪 meaning)

Closed Mailbox with Raised Flag Emoji(📫 meaning)

Closed Umbrella Emoji(🌂 meaning)

Cloud Emoji(☁ meaning)

Cloud with Lightning Emoji(🌩 meaning)

Cloud with Rain Emoji(🌧 meaning)

Cloud with Snow Emoji(🌨 meaning)

Clown Face Emoji(🤡 meaning)

Clutch Bag Emoji(👝 meaning)

Coat Emoji(🧥 meaning)

Cocktail Glass Emoji(🍸 meaning)

Coconut Emoji(🥥 meaning)

Coffin Emoji(⚰ meaning)

Comet Emoji(☄ meaning)

Computer Disk Emoji(💽 meaning)

Computer Mouse Emoji(🖱 meaning)

Confetti Ball Emoji(🎊 meaning)

Confounded Face Emoji(😖 meaning)

Confused Face Emoji(😕 meaning)

Construction Emoji(🚧 meaning)

Construction Worker Emoji(👷 meaning)

Control Knobs Emoji(🎛 meaning)

Convenience Store Emoji(🏪 meaning)

Cooked Rice Emoji(🍚 meaning)

Cookie Emoji(🍪 meaning)

Cooking Emoji(🍳 meaning)

Couch and Lamp Emoji(🛋 meaning)

Counterclockwise Arrows Button Emoji(🔄 meaning)

Couple with Heart Emoji(💑 meaning)

Couple with Heart: Man, Man Emoji(👨❤👨 meaning)

Couple with Heart: Woman, Man Emoji(👩❤👨 meaning)

Couple with Heart: Woman, Woman Emoji(👩❤👩 meaning)

Cow Emoji(🐄 meaning)

Cow Face Emoji(🐮 meaning)

Crab Emoji(🦀 meaning)

Crayon Emoji(🖍 meaning)

Credit Card Emoji(💳 meaning)

Crescent Moon Emoji(🌙 meaning)

Cricket Emoji(🦗 meaning)

Cricket Game Emoji(🏏 meaning)

Crocodile Emoji(🐊 meaning)

Croissant Emoji(🥐 meaning)

Cross Mark Emoji(❌ meaning)

Crossed Swords Emoji(⚔ meaning)

Crown Emoji(👑 meaning)

Crying Cat Face Emoji(😿 meaning)

Crystal Ball Emoji(🔮 meaning)

Cucumber Emoji(🥒 meaning)

Cup with Straw Emoji(🥤 meaning)

Curling Stone Emoji(🥌 meaning)

Curly Loop Emoji(➰ meaning)

Currency Exchange Emoji(💱 meaning)

Curry Rice Emoji(🍛 meaning)

Custard Emoji(🍮 meaning)

Customs Emoji(🛃 meaning)

Cut of Meat Emoji(🥩 meaning)

Cyclone Emoji(🌀 meaning)

Dagger Emoji(🗡 meaning)

Dango Emoji(🍡 meaning)

Sunglasses Emoji(🕶 meaning)

Deciduous Tree Emoji(🌳 meaning)

Deer Emoji(🦌 meaning)

Delivery Truck Emoji(🚚 meaning)

Department Store Emoji(🏬 meaning)

Derelict House Emoji(🏚 meaning)

Desert Emoji(🏜 meaning)

Desert Island Emoji(🏝 meaning)

Desktop Computer Emoji(🖥 meaning)

Dim Button Emoji(🔅 meaning)

Direct Hit Emoji(🎯 meaning)

Sad But Relieved Face Emoji(😥 meaning)

Dizzy Face Emoji(😵 meaning)

Dizzy Emoji(💫 meaning)

Dog Emoji(🐕 meaning)

Dog Face Emoji(🐶 meaning)

Dolphin Emoji(🐬 meaning)

Door Emoji(🚪 meaning)

Dotted Six-Pointed Star Emoji(🔯 meaning)

Dove Emoji(🕊 meaning)

Down Arrow Emoji(⬇ meaning)

Down-Right Arrow Emoji(↘ meaning)

Downwards Button Emoji(🔽 meaning)

Dragon Emoji(🐉 meaning)

Dragon Face Emoji(🐲 meaning)

Dress Emoji(👗 meaning)

Droplet Emoji(💧 meaning)

Drum Emoji(🥁 meaning)

Duck Emoji(🦆 meaning)

Dumpling Emoji(🥟 meaning)

Dvd Emoji(📀 meaning)

Eagle Emoji(🦅 meaning)

Ear Emoji(👂 meaning)

Globe Showing Europe-Africa Emoji(🌍 meaning)

Egg Emoji(🥚 meaning)

Eggplant Emoji(🍆 meaning)

Eight O’Clock Emoji(🕗 meaning)

Eight-Thirty Emoji(🕣 meaning)

Eject Button Emoji(⏏ meaning)

Light Bulb Emoji(💡 meaning)

Electric Plug Emoji(🔌 meaning)

Elephant Emoji(🐘 meaning)

Eleven O’Clock Emoji(🕚 meaning)

Eleven-Thirty Emoji(🕦 meaning)

Elf Emoji(🧝 meaning)

End Arrow Emoji(🔚 meaning)

Envelope Emoji(✉ meaning)

Envelope with Arrow Emoji(📩 meaning)

Euro Banknote Emoji(💶 meaning)

Evergreen Tree Emoji(🌲 meaning)

Exploding Head Emoji(🤯 meaning)

Expressionless Face Emoji(😑 meaning)

Eye Emoji(👁 meaning)

Eye in Speech Bubble Emoji(👁🗨 meaning)

Eyes Emoji(👀 meaning)

Face Savoring Food Emoji(😋 meaning)

Face Blowing a Kiss Emoji(😘 meaning)

Face Vomiting Emoji(🤮 meaning)

Downcast Face with Sweat Emoji(😓 meaning)

Face with Hand Over Mouth Emoji(🤭 meaning)

Face with Head-Bandage Emoji(🤕 meaning)

Face with Monocle Emoji(🧐 meaning)

Person Gesturing No Emoji(🙅 meaning)

Person Gesturing Ok Emoji(🙆 meaning)

Anxious Face with Sweat Emoji(😰 meaning)

Face with Open Mouth Emoji(😮 meaning)

Face with Raised Eyebrow Emoji(🤨 meaning)

Squinting Face with Tongue Emoji(😝 meaning)

Face with Symbols on Mouth Emoji(🤬 meaning)

Face with Thermometer Emoji(🤒 meaning)

Factory Emoji(🏭 meaning)

Fairy Emoji(🧚 meaning)

Fallen Leaf Emoji(🍂 meaning)

Family Emoji(👪 meaning)

Family: Man, Boy, Boy Emoji(👨👦👦 meaning)

Family: Man, Boy Emoji(👨👦 meaning)

Family: Man, Girl, Boy Emoji(👨👧👦 meaning)

Family: Man, Girl Emoji(👨👧 meaning)

Family: Man, Girl, Girl Emoji(👨👧👧 meaning)

Family: Man, Man, Boy, Boy Emoji(👨👨👦👦 meaning)

Family: Man, Man, Boy Emoji(👨👨👦 meaning)

Family: Man, Man, Girl, Boy Emoji(👨👨👧👦 meaning)

Family: Man, Man, Girl Emoji(👨👨👧 meaning)

Family: Man, Man, Girl, Girl Emoji(👨👨👧👧 meaning)

Family: Man, Woman, Boy, Boy Emoji(👨👩👦👦 meaning)

Family: Man, Woman, Boy Emoji(👨👩👦 meaning)

Family: Man, Woman, Girl, Boy Emoji(👨👩👧👦 meaning)

Family: Man, Woman, Girl Emoji(👨👩👧 meaning)

Family: Man, Woman, Girl, Girl Emoji(👨👩👧👧 meaning)

Family: Woman, Boy, Boy Emoji(👩👦👦 meaning)

Family: Woman, Boy Emoji(👩👦 meaning)

Family: Woman, Girl, Boy Emoji(👩👧👦 meaning)

Family: Woman, Girl Emoji(👩👧 meaning)

Family: Woman, Girl, Girl Emoji(👩👧👧 meaning)

Family: Woman, Woman, Boy, Boy Emoji(👩👩👦👦 meaning)

Family: Woman, Woman, Boy Emoji(👩👩👦 meaning)

Family: Woman, Woman, Girl, Boy Emoji(👩👩👧👦 meaning)

Family: Woman, Woman, Girl Emoji(👩👩👧 meaning)

Family: Woman, Woman, Girl, Girl Emoji(👩👩👧👧 meaning)

Fast Down Button Emoji(⏬ meaning)

Fast Reverse Button Emoji(⏪ meaning)

Fast Up Button Emoji(⏫ meaning)

Fax Machine Emoji(📠 meaning)

Female Sign(♀ meaning)

Ferris Wheel Emoji(🎡 meaning)

Ferry Emoji(⛴ meaning)

Field Hockey Emoji(🏑 meaning)

File Cabinet Emoji(🗄 meaning)

File Folder Emoji(📁 meaning)

Film Frames Emoji(🎞 meaning)

Film Projector Emoji(📽 meaning)

Fire Emoji(🔥 meaning)

Fire Engine Emoji(🚒 meaning)

Sparkler Emoji(🎇 meaning)

Fireworks Emoji(🎆 meaning)

1st Place Medal Emoji(🥇 meaning)

First Quarter Moon Emoji(🌓 meaning)

First Quarter Moon Face Emoji(🌛 meaning)

Fish Cake with Swirl Emoji(🍥 meaning)

Fish Emoji(🐟 meaning)

Fishing Pole Emoji(🎣 meaning)

Five O’Clock Emoji(🕔 meaning)

Five-Thirty Emoji(🕠 meaning)

Flag in Hole Emoji(⛳ meaning)

Flag: Belgium Emoji(🇧🇪 meaning)

Flag: Croatia Emoji(🇭🇷 meaning)

Flag: Germany Emoji(🇩🇪 meaning)

Flag: Pakistan Emoji(🇵🇰 meaning)

Flag: Spain Emoji(🇪🇸 meaning)

Flashlight Emoji(🔦 meaning)

Floppy Disk Emoji(💾 meaning)

Flower Playing Cards Emoji(🎴 meaning)

Flying Saucer Emoji(🛸 meaning)

Fog Emoji(🌫 meaning)

Foggy Emoji(🌁 meaning)

Fork and Knife Emoji(🍴 meaning)

Fork and Knife with Plate Emoji(🍽 meaning)

Fortune Cookie Emoji(🥠 meaning)

Fountain Emoji(⛲ meaning)

Fountain Pen Emoji(🖋 meaning)

Four Leaf Clover Emoji(🍀 meaning)

Four O’Clock Emoji(🕓 meaning)

Four-Thirty Emoji(🕟 meaning)

Fox Face Emoji(🦊 meaning)

Framed Picture Emoji(🖼 meaning)

French Fries Emoji(🍟 meaning)

Fried Shrimp Emoji(🍤 meaning)

Front-Facing Baby Chick Emoji(🐥 meaning)

Frowning Face with Open Mouth Emoji(😦 meaning)

Fuel Pump Emoji(⛽ meaning)

Full Moon Emoji(🌕 meaning)

Full Moon Face Emoji(🌝 meaning)

Funeral Urn Emoji(⚱ meaning)

Game Die Emoji(🎲 meaning)

Gear Emoji(⚙ meaning)

Gemini Emoji(♊ meaning)

Genie Emoji(🧞 meaning)

Ghost Emoji(👻 meaning)

Giraffe Emoji(🦒 meaning)

Girl Emoji(👧 meaning)

Glass of Milk Emoji(🥛 meaning)

Glasses Emoji(👓 meaning)

Globe Showing Asia-Australia Emoji(🌏 meaning)

Globe with Meridians Emoji(🌐 meaning)

Gloves Emoji(🧤 meaning)

Goal Net Emoji(🥅 meaning)

Goat Emoji(🐐 meaning)

Gorilla Emoji(🦍 meaning)

Graduation Cap Emoji(🎓 meaning)

Grapes Emoji(🍇 meaning)

Green Apple Emoji(🍏 meaning)

Green Book Emoji(📗 meaning)

Green Heart Emoji(💚 meaning)

Green Salad Emoji(🥗 meaning)

Grinning Cat Face with Smiling Eyes Emoji(😸 meaning)

Grinning Face Emoji(😀 meaning)

Growing Heart Emoji(💗 meaning)

Guard Emoji(💂 meaning)

Guitar Emoji(🎸 meaning)

Hamburger Emoji(🍔 meaning)

Hammer and Pick Emoji(⚒ meaning)

Hammer and Wrench Emoji(🛠 meaning)

Hammer Emoji(🔨 meaning)

Hamster Face Emoji(🐹 meaning)

Handbag Emoji(👜 meaning)

Handshake Emoji(🤝 meaning)

Hatching Chick Emoji(🐣 meaning)

Headphone Emoji(🎧 meaning)

Hear-No-Evil Monkey Emoji(🙉 meaning)

Heart Decoration Emoji(💟 meaning)

Heart with Arrow Emoji(💘 meaning)

Heart with Ribbon Emoji(💝 meaning)

Heavy Check Mark Emoji(✔ meaning)

Heavy Dollar Sign(💲 meaning)

Exclamation Mark Emoji(❗ meaning)

Heavy Heart Exclamation Emoji(❣ meaning)

Heavy Large Circle Emoji(⭕ meaning)

Hedgehog Emoji(🦔 meaning)

Helicopter Emoji(🚁 meaning)

Herb Emoji(🌿 meaning)

Hibiscus Emoji(🌺 meaning)

Bright Button Emoji(🔆 meaning)

High-Heeled Shoe Emoji(👠 meaning)

High-Speed Train Emoji(🚄 meaning)

Kitchen Knife Emoji(🔪 meaning)

Hole Emoji(🕳 meaning)

Honey Pot Emoji(🍯 meaning)

Horizontal Traffic Light Emoji(🚥 meaning)

Horse Emoji(🐎 meaning)

Horse Face Emoji(🐴 meaning)

Horse Racing Emoji(🏇 meaning)

Hospital Emoji(🏥 meaning)

Hot Dog Emoji(🌭 meaning)

Hot Pepper Emoji(🌶 meaning)

Hot Springs Emoji(♨ meaning)

Hotel Emoji(🏨 meaning)

Hourglass Done Emoji(⌛ meaning)

Hourglass Not Done Emoji(⏳ meaning)

House Emoji(🏠 meaning)

House with Garden Emoji(🏡 meaning)

Houses Emoji(🏘 meaning)

Hushed Face Emoji(😯 meaning)

Ice Cream Emoji(🍨 meaning)

Ice Skate Emoji(⛸ meaning)

Inbox Tray Emoji(📥 meaning)

Incoming Envelope Emoji(📨 meaning)

Japanese Castle Emoji(🏯 meaning)

Japanese Dolls Emoji(🎎 meaning)

Goblin Emoji(👺 meaning)

Japanese Post Office Emoji(🏣 meaning)

Jeans Emoji(👖 meaning)

Joker Emoji(🃏 meaning)

Joystick Emoji(🕹 meaning)

Kaaba Emoji(🕋 meaning)

Key Emoji(🔑 meaning)

Keyboard Emoji(⌨ meaning)

Keycap: 1 Emoji(1⃣ meaning)

Keycap: 0 Emoji(0⃣ meaning)

Kick Scooter Emoji(🛴 meaning)

Kimono Emoji(👘 meaning)

Kiss Emoji(💏 meaning)

Kiss: Man, Man Emoji(👨❤💋👨 meaning)

Kiss: Woman, Man Emoji(👩❤💋👨 meaning)

Kiss: Woman, Woman Emoji(👩❤💋👩 meaning)

Kissing Cat Face Emoji(😽 meaning)

Kissing Face Emoji(😗 meaning)

Kissing Face with Closed Eyes Emoji(😚 meaning)

Kissing Face with Smiling Eyes Emoji(😙 meaning)

Koala Emoji(🐨 meaning)

Label Emoji(🏷 meaning)

Lady Beetle Emoji(🐞 meaning)

Last Quarter Moon Emoji(🌗 meaning)

Last Quarter Moon Face Emoji(🌜 meaning)

Last Track Button Emoji(⏮ meaning)

Latin Cross Emoji(✝ meaning)

Leaf Fluttering in Wind Emoji(🍃 meaning)

Ledger Emoji(📒 meaning)

Left-Facing Fist Emoji(🤛 meaning)

Magnifying Glass Tilted Left Emoji(🔍 meaning)

Left-Right Arrow Emoji(↔ meaning)

Left Speech Bubble Emoji(🗨 meaning)

Right Arrow Curving Left Emoji(↩ meaning)

Left Arrow Emoji(⬅ meaning)

Lemon Emoji(🍋 meaning)

Leo Emoji(♌ meaning)

Leopard Emoji(🐆 meaning)

Level Slider Emoji(🎚 meaning)

Libra Emoji(♎ meaning)

Light Rail Emoji(🚈 meaning)

Link Emoji(🔗 meaning)

Linked Paperclips Emoji(🖇 meaning)

Lion Face Emoji(🦁 meaning)

Lipstick Emoji(💄 meaning)

Lizard Emoji(🦎 meaning)

Locked with Pen Emoji(🔏 meaning)

Locomotive Emoji(🚂 meaning)

Lollipop Emoji(🍭 meaning)

Love Hotel Emoji(🏩 meaning)

Love Letter Emoji(💌 meaning)

Love-You Gesture Emoji(🤟 meaning)

Lying Face Emoji(🤥 meaning)

Mage Emoji(🧙 meaning)

Mahjong Red Dragon Emoji(🀄 meaning)

Man and Woman Holding Hands Emoji(👫 meaning)

Man Artist Emoji(👨🎨 meaning)

Man Astronaut Emoji(👨🚀 meaning)

Man: Beard Emoji(🧔 meaning)

Man Biking Emoji(🚴♂ meaning)

Man Bouncing Ball Emoji(⛹♂ meaning)

Man Bowing Emoji(🙇♂ meaning)

Man Cartwheeling Emoji(🤸♂ meaning)

Man Climbing Emoji(🧗♂ meaning)

Man Construction Worker Emoji(👷♂ meaning)

Man Cook Emoji(👨🍳 meaning)

Man Dancing Emoji(🕺 meaning)

Man Detective Emoji(🕵♂ meaning)

Man Elf Emoji(🧝♂ meaning)

Man Emoji(👨 meaning)

Man Facepalming Emoji(🤦♂ meaning)

Man Factory Worker Emoji(👨🏭 meaning)

Man Fairy Emoji(🧚♂ meaning)

Man Farmer Emoji(👨🌾 meaning)

Man Frowning Emoji(🙍♂ meaning)

Man Genie Emoji(🧞♂ meaning)

Man Gesturing No Emoji(🙅♂ meaning)

Man Gesturing Ok Emoji(🙆♂ meaning)

Man Getting Haircut Emoji(💇♂ meaning)

Man Getting Massage Emoji(💆♂ meaning)

Man Golfing Emoji(🏌♂ meaning)

Man Health Worker Emoji(👨⚕ meaning)

Man in Lotus Position Emoji(🧘♂ meaning)

Man in Steamy Room Emoji(🧖♂ meaning)

Man in Tuxedo Emoji(🤵 meaning)

Man Judge Emoji(👨⚖ meaning)

Man Juggling Emoji(🤹♂ meaning)

Man Lifting Weights Emoji(🏋♂ meaning)

Man Mage Emoji(🧙♂ meaning)

Man Mechanic Emoji(👨🔧 meaning)

Man Mountain Biking Emoji(🚵♂ meaning)

Man Office Worker Emoji(👨💼 meaning)

Man Pilot Emoji(👨✈ meaning)

Man Playing Handball Emoji(🤾♂ meaning)

Man Playing Water Polo Emoji(🤽♂ meaning)

Man Police Officer Emoji(👮♂ meaning)

Man Pouting Emoji(🙎♂ meaning)

Man Raising Hand Emoji(🙋♂ meaning)

Man Rowing Boat Emoji(🚣♂ meaning)

Man Running Emoji(🏃♂ meaning)

Man Scientist Emoji(👨🔬 meaning)

Man Shrugging Emoji(🤷♂ meaning)

Man Singer Emoji(👨🎤 meaning)

Man Student Emoji(👨🎓 meaning)

Man Surfing Emoji(🏄♂ meaning)

Man Swimming Emoji(🏊♂ meaning)

Man Teacher Emoji(👨🏫 meaning)

Man Technologist Emoji(👨💻 meaning)

Man Tipping Hand Emoji(💁♂ meaning)

Man Vampire Emoji(🧛♂ meaning)

Man Walking Emoji(🚶♂ meaning)

Man Wearing Turban Emoji(👳♂ meaning)

Man Zombie Emoji(🧟♂ meaning)

Mantelpiece Clock Emoji(🕰 meaning)

Map of Japan Emoji(🗾 meaning)

Maple Leaf Emoji(🍁 meaning)

Martial Arts Uniform Emoji(🥋 meaning)

Meat on Bone Emoji(🍖 meaning)

Black Circle Emoji(⚫ meaning)

Melon Emoji(🍈 meaning)

Memo Emoji(📝 meaning)

Men’s Room Emoji(🚹 meaning)

Men Wrestling Emoji(🤼♂ meaning)

Menorah Emoji(🕎 meaning)

Mermaid Emoji(🧜♀ meaning)

Merman Emoji(🧜♂ meaning)

Merperson Emoji(🧜 meaning)

Metro Emoji(🚇 meaning)

Microphone Emoji(🎤 meaning)

Microscope Emoji(🔬 meaning)

Middle Finger Emoji(🖕 meaning)

Military Medal Emoji(🎖 meaning)

Minibus Emoji(🚐 meaning)

Mobile Phone Emoji(📱 meaning)

Mobile Phone with Arrow Emoji(📲 meaning)

Money Bag Emoji(💰 meaning)

Money-Mouth Face Emoji(🤑 meaning)

Money with Wings Emoji(💸 meaning)

Monkey Emoji(🐒 meaning)

Monkey Face Emoji(🐵 meaning)

Monorail Emoji(🚝 meaning)

Moon Viewing Ceremony Emoji(🎑 meaning)

Mosque Emoji(🕌 meaning)

Mrs. Claus Emoji(🤶 meaning)

Motor Boat Emoji(🛥 meaning)

Motor Scooter Emoji(🛵 meaning)

Motorway Emoji(🛣 meaning)

Mount Fuji Emoji(🗻 meaning)

Mountain Cableway Emoji(🚠 meaning)

Mountain Emoji(⛰ meaning)

Mountain Railway Emoji(🚞 meaning)

Mouse Emoji(🐁 meaning)

Mouse Face Emoji(🐭 meaning)

Mouth Emoji(👄 meaning)

Movie Camera Emoji(🎥 meaning)

Moai Emoji(🗿 meaning)

Mushroom Emoji(🍄 meaning)

Musical Keyboard Emoji(🎹 meaning)

Musical Note Emoji(🎵 meaning)

Musical Score Emoji(🎼 meaning)

Muted Speaker Emoji(🔇 meaning)

National Park Emoji(🏞 meaning)

Necktie Emoji(👔 meaning)

New Moon Emoji(🌑 meaning)

Newspaper Emoji(📰 meaning)

Next Track Button Emoji(⏭ meaning)

Night with Stars Emoji(🌃 meaning)

Nine O’Clock Emoji(🕘 meaning)

Nine-Thirty Emoji(🕤 meaning)

No Bicycles Emoji(🚳 meaning)

No Entry Emoji(⛔ meaning)

Prohibited Emoji(🚫 meaning)

No Littering Emoji(🚯 meaning)

No Mobile Phones Emoji(📵 meaning)

No Pedestrians Emoji(🚷 meaning)

No Smoking Emoji(🚭 meaning)

Non-Potable Water Emoji(🚱 meaning)

Up-Right Arrow Emoji(↗ meaning)

Up-Left Arrow Emoji(↖ meaning)

Nose Emoji(👃 meaning)

Notebook Emoji(📓 meaning)

Notebook with Decorative Cover Emoji(📔 meaning)

Nut and Bolt Emoji(🔩 meaning)

Stop Sign(🛑 meaning)

Octopus Emoji(🐙 meaning)

Oden Emoji(🍢 meaning)

Office Building Emoji(🏢 meaning)

Ogre Emoji(👹 meaning)

Oil Drum Emoji(🛢 meaning)

Old Key Emoji(🗝 meaning)

Old Man Emoji(👴 meaning)

Older Person Emoji(🧓 meaning)

Old Woman Emoji(👵 meaning)

Om Emoji(🕉 meaning)

On! Arrow Emoji(🔛 meaning)

Oncoming Automobile Emoji(🚘 meaning)

Oncoming Bus Emoji(🚍 meaning)

Oncoming Police Car Emoji(🚔 meaning)

Oncoming Taxi Emoji(🚖 meaning)

One O’Clock Emoji(🕐 meaning)

One-Thirty Emoji(🕜 meaning)

Open Book Emoji(📖 meaning)

Open File Folder Emoji(📂 meaning)

Open Hands Emoji(👐 meaning)

Open Mailbox with Lowered Flag Emoji(📭 meaning)

Open Mailbox with Raised Flag Emoji(📬 meaning)

Ophiuchus Emoji(⛎ meaning)

Optical Disk Emoji(💿 meaning)

Orange Book Emoji(📙 meaning)

Orange Heart Emoji(🧡 meaning)

Orthodox Cross Emoji(☦ meaning)

Outbox Tray Emoji(📤 meaning)

Owl Emoji(🦉 meaning)

Ox Emoji(🐂 meaning)

Package Emoji(📦 meaning)

Page Facing Up Emoji(📄 meaning)

Page with Curl Emoji(📃 meaning)

Pager Emoji(📟 meaning)

Paintbrush Emoji(🖌 meaning)

Palm Tree Emoji(🌴 meaning)

Palms Up Together Emoji(🤲 meaning)

Pancakes Emoji(🥞 meaning)

Panda Face Emoji(🐼 meaning)

Paperclip Emoji(📎 meaning)

Party Popper Emoji(🎉 meaning)

Passenger Ship Emoji(🛳 meaning)

Passport Control Emoji(🛂 meaning)

Pause Button Emoji(⏸ meaning)

Paw Prints Emoji(🐾 meaning)

Peace Symbol(☮ meaning)

Peach Emoji(🍑 meaning)

Peanuts Emoji(🥜 meaning)

Pear Emoji(🍐 meaning)

Pen Emoji(🖊 meaning)

Pencil Emoji(✏ meaning)

Penguin Emoji(🐧 meaning)

Pensive Face Emoji(😔 meaning)

Performing Arts Emoji(🎭 meaning)

Persevering Face Emoji(😣 meaning)

Person Bouncing Ball Emoji(⛹ meaning)

Person Bowing Emoji(🙇 meaning)

Person Climbing Emoji(🧗 meaning)

Person Emoji(🧑 meaning)

Person Frowning Emoji(🙍 meaning)

Person in Bed Emoji(🛌 meaning)

Person in Lotus Position Emoji(🧘 meaning)

Person in Steamy Room Emoji(🧖 meaning)

Person Taking Bath Emoji(🛀 meaning)

Person Wearing Turban Emoji(👳 meaning)

Person Pouting Emoji(🙎 meaning)

Laptop Computer Emoji(💻 meaning)

Pick Emoji(⛏ meaning)

Pie Emoji(🥧 meaning)

Pig Emoji(🐖 meaning)

Pig Face Emoji(🐷 meaning)

Pig Nose Emoji(🐽 meaning)

Pill Emoji(💊 meaning)

Pine Decoration Emoji(🎍 meaning)

Pineapple Emoji(🍍 meaning)

Ping Pong Emoji(🏓 meaning)

Pisces Emoji(♓ meaning)

Pistol Emoji(🔫 meaning)

Pizza Emoji(🍕 meaning)

Place of Worship Emoji(🛐 meaning)

Play or Pause Button Emoji(⏯ meaning)

Police Car Emoji(🚓 meaning)

Police Car Light Emoji(🚨 meaning)

Police Officer Emoji(👮 meaning)

Poodle Emoji(🐩 meaning)

Pool 8 Ball Emoji(🎱 meaning)

Popcorn Emoji(🍿 meaning)

Post Office Emoji(🏤 meaning)

Postal Horn Emoji(📯 meaning)

Postbox Emoji(📮 meaning)

Pot of Food Emoji(🍲 meaning)

Potable Water Emoji(🚰 meaning)

Potato Emoji(🥔 meaning)

Poultry Leg Emoji(🍗 meaning)

Pound Banknote Emoji(💷 meaning)

Pouting Cat Face Emoji(😾 meaning)

Pouting Face Emoji(😡 meaning)

Prayer Beads Emoji(📿 meaning)

Pregnant Woman Emoji(🤰 meaning)

Pretzel Emoji(🥨 meaning)

Prince Emoji(🤴 meaning)

Princess Emoji(👸 meaning)

Printer Emoji(🖨 meaning)

Loudspeaker Emoji(📢 meaning)

Purple Heart Emoji(💜 meaning)

Purse Emoji(👛 meaning)

Pushpin Emoji(📌 meaning)

Litter in Bin Sign(🚮 meaning)

Rabbit Emoji(🐇 meaning)

Racing Car Emoji(🏎 meaning)

Motorcycle Emoji(🏍 meaning)

Radio Emoji(📻 meaning)

Radioactive Emoji(☢ meaning)

Railway Car Emoji(🚃 meaning)

Railway Track Emoji(🛤 meaning)

Rainbow Emoji(🌈 meaning)

Raised Back of Hand Emoji(🤚 meaning)

Raised Fist Emoji(✊ meaning)

Hand with Fingers Splayed Emoji(🖐 meaning)

Ram Emoji(🐏 meaning)

Rat Emoji(🐀 meaning)

Record Button Emoji(⏺ meaning)

Sport Utility Vehicle Emoji(🚙 meaning)

Red Apple Emoji(🍎 meaning)

Red Paper Lantern Emoji(🏮 meaning)

Relieved Face Emoji(😌 meaning)

Reminder Ribbon Emoji(🎗 meaning)

Repeat Button Emoji(🔁 meaning)

Repeat Single Button Emoji(🔂 meaning)

Restroom Emoji(🚻 meaning)

Revolving Hearts Emoji(💞 meaning)

Rhinoceros Emoji(🦏 meaning)

Ribbon Emoji(🎀 meaning)

Rice Ball Emoji(🍙 meaning)

Rice Cracker Emoji(🍘 meaning)

Right Anger Bubble Emoji(🗯 meaning)

Right Arrow Curving Down Emoji(⤵ meaning)

Right Arrow Curving Up Emoji(⤴ meaning)

Right-Facing Fist Emoji(🤜 meaning)

Magnifying Glass Tilted Right Emoji(🔎 meaning)

Left Arrow Curving Right Emoji(↪ meaning)

Ring Emoji(💍 meaning)

Roasted Sweet Potato Emoji(🍠 meaning)

Robot Face Emoji(🤖 meaning)

Rocket Emoji(🚀 meaning)

Rolled-Up Newspaper Emoji(🗞 meaning)

Roller Coaster Emoji(🎢 meaning)

Rolling on the Floor Laughing Emoji(🤣 meaning)

Rooster Emoji(🐓 meaning)

Rose Emoji(🌹 meaning)

Rosette Emoji(🏵 meaning)

Round Pushpin Emoji(📍 meaning)

Rugby Football Emoji(🏉 meaning)

Running Shirt Emoji(🎽 meaning)

Sagittarius Emoji(♐ meaning)

Sailboat Emoji(⛵ meaning)

Sake Emoji(🍶 meaning)

Sandwich Emoji(🥪 meaning)

Satellite Antenna Emoji(📡 meaning)

Satellite Emoji(🛰 meaning)

Sauropod Emoji(🦕 meaning)

Saxophone Emoji(🎷 meaning)

Scarf Emoji(🧣 meaning)

School Emoji(🏫 meaning)

Backpack Emoji(🎒 meaning)

Scorpion Emoji(🦂 meaning)

Scorpio Emoji(♏ meaning)

Scroll Emoji(📜 meaning)

Seat Emoji(💺 meaning)

See-No-Evil Monkey Emoji(🙈 meaning)

Seedling Emoji(🌱 meaning)

Selfie Emoji(🤳 meaning)

Seven O’Clock Emoji(🕖 meaning)

Seven-Thirty Emoji(🕢 meaning)

Shallow Pan of Food Emoji(🥘 meaning)

Shamrock Emoji(☘ meaning)

Shark Emoji(🦈 meaning)

Shaved Ice Emoji(🍧 meaning)

Sheaf of Rice Emoji(🌾 meaning)

Ewe Emoji(🐑 meaning)

Shield Emoji(🛡 meaning)

Shinto Shrine Emoji(⛩ meaning)

Ship Emoji(🚢 meaning)

Shooting Star Emoji(🌠 meaning)

Shopping Bags Emoji(🛍 meaning)

Shopping Cart Emoji(🛒 meaning)

Shortcake Emoji(🍰 meaning)

Shower Emoji(🚿 meaning)

Shrimp Emoji(🦐 meaning)

Shuffle Tracks Button Emoji(🔀 meaning)

Shushing Face Emoji(🤫 meaning)

Six O’Clock Emoji(🕕 meaning)

Six-Thirty Emoji(🕡 meaning)

Skier Emoji(⛷ meaning)

Skis Emoji(🎿 meaning)

Skull and Crossbones Emoji(☠ meaning)

Skull Emoji(💀 meaning)

Sled Emoji(🛷 meaning)

Sleepy Face Emoji(😪 meaning)

Detective Emoji(🕵 meaning)

Slightly Frowning Face Emoji(🙁 meaning)

Slightly Smiling Face Emoji(🙂 meaning)

Slot Machine Emoji(🎰 meaning)

Small Airplane Emoji(🛩 meaning)

Smiling Cat Face with Heart-Eyes Emoji(😻 meaning)

Smiling Face with Halo Emoji(😇 meaning)

Grinning Squinting Face Emoji(😆 meaning)

Grinning Face with Big Eyes Emoji(😃 meaning)

Snail Emoji(🐌 meaning)

Snake Emoji(🐍 meaning)

Sneezing Face Emoji(🤧 meaning)

Snow-Capped Mountain Emoji(🏔 meaning)

Snowboarder Emoji(🏂 meaning)

Snowflake Emoji(❄ meaning)

Snowman Emoji(☃ meaning)

Snowman Without Snow Emoji(⛄ meaning)

Socks Emoji(🧦 meaning)

Soft Ice Cream Emoji(🍦 meaning)

Soon Arrow Emoji(🔜 meaning)

Down-Left Arrow Emoji(↙ meaning)

Spaghetti Emoji(🍝 meaning)

Sparkle Emoji(❇ meaning)

Speak-No-Evil Monkey Emoji(🙊 meaning)

Speaker Low Volume Emoji(🔈 meaning)

Speaker Medium Volume Emoji(🔉 meaning)

Speaker High Volume Emoji(🔊 meaning)

Speaking Head Emoji(🗣 meaning)

Speech Balloon Emoji(💬 meaning)

Speedboat Emoji(🚤 meaning)

Spider Emoji(🕷 meaning)

Spider Web Emoji(🕸 meaning)

Spiral Calendar Emoji(🗓 meaning)

Spiral Notepad Emoji(🗒 meaning)

Spiral Shell Emoji(🐚 meaning)

Sweat Droplets Emoji(💦 meaning)

Spoon Emoji(🥄 meaning)

Sports Medal Emoji(🏅 meaning)

Spouting Whale Emoji(🐳 meaning)

Squid Emoji(🦑 meaning)

Stadium Emoji(🏟 meaning)

Star and Crescent Emoji(☪ meaning)

Star of David Emoji(✡ meaning)

Star-Struck Emoji(🤩 meaning)

Station Emoji(🚉 meaning)

Statue of Liberty Emoji(🗽 meaning)

Steaming Bowl Emoji(🍜 meaning)

Stop Button Emoji(⏹ meaning)

Stopwatch Emoji(⏱ meaning)

Straight Ruler Emoji(📏 meaning)

Strawberry Emoji(🍓 meaning)

Studio Microphone Emoji(🎙 meaning)

Stuffed Flatbread Emoji(🥙 meaning)

Sun Behind Cloud Emoji(⛅ meaning)

Sun Behind Rain Cloud Emoji(🌦 meaning)

Sun Behind Small Cloud Emoji(🌤 meaning)

Sunflower Emoji(🌻 meaning)

Sunrise Emoji(🌅 meaning)

Sunrise Over Mountains Emoji(🌄 meaning)

Sunset Emoji(🌇 meaning)

Sushi Emoji(🍣 meaning)

Suspension Railway Emoji(🚟 meaning)

Synagogue Emoji(🕍 meaning)

Syringe Emoji(💉 meaning)

t-Rex Emoji(🦖 meaning)

t-Shirt Emoji(👕 meaning)

Taco Emoji(🌮 meaning)

Takeout Box Emoji(🥡 meaning)

Tanabata Tree Emoji(🎋 meaning)

Taurus Emoji(♉ meaning)

Taxi Emoji(🚕 meaning)

Teacup Without Handle Emoji(🍵 meaning)

Tear-Off Calendar Emoji(📆 meaning)

Telephone Emoji(☎ meaning)

Telephone Receiver Emoji(📞 meaning)

Telescope Emoji(🔭 meaning)

Television Emoji(📺 meaning)

Ten O’Clock Emoji(🕙 meaning)

Ten-Thirty Emoji(🕥 meaning)

Tennis Emoji(🎾 meaning)

Tent Emoji(⛺ meaning)

Thermometer Emoji(🌡 meaning)

Three O’Clock Emoji(🕒 meaning)

Three-Thirty Emoji(🕞 meaning)

Thumbs Down Emoji(👎 meaning)

Thumbs Up Emoji(👍 meaning)

Cloud with Lightning and Rain Emoji(⛈ meaning)

Ticket Emoji(🎫 meaning)

Tiger Emoji(🐅 meaning)

Tiger Face Emoji(🐯 meaning)

Timer Clock Emoji(⏲ meaning)

Toilet Emoji(🚽 meaning)

Tokyo Tower Emoji(🗼 meaning)

Tomato Emoji(🍅 meaning)

Tongue Emoji(👅 meaning)

Top Arrow Emoji(🔝 meaning)

Top Hat Emoji(🎩 meaning)

Tornado Emoji(🌪 meaning)

Trackball Emoji(🖲 meaning)

Tractor Emoji(🚜 meaning)

Train Emoji(🚆 meaning)

Tram Car Emoji(🚋 meaning)

Tram Emoji(🚊 meaning)

Triangular Flag Emoji(🚩 meaning)

Triangular Ruler Emoji(📐 meaning)

Trolleybus Emoji(🚎 meaning)

Trophy Emoji(🏆 meaning)

Tropical Drink Emoji(🍹 meaning)

Tropical Fish Emoji(🐠 meaning)

Trumpet Emoji(🎺 meaning)

Tulip Emoji(🌷 meaning)

Tumbler Glass Emoji(🥃 meaning)

Turkey Emoji(🦃 meaning)

Turtle Emoji(🐢 meaning)

Twelve O’Clock Emoji(🕛 meaning)

Twelve-Thirty Emoji(🕧 meaning)

Two Hearts Emoji(💕 meaning)

Two-Hump Camel Emoji(🐫 meaning)

Two Men Holding Hands Emoji(👬 meaning)

Two O’Clock Emoji(🕑 meaning)

Two-Thirty Emoji(🕝 meaning)

Two Women Holding Hands Emoji(👭 meaning)

Umbrella Emoji(☂ meaning)

Umbrella on Ground Emoji(⛱ meaning)

Umbrella with Rain Drops Emoji(☔ meaning)

Unlocked Emoji(🔓 meaning)

Up Arrow Emoji(⬆ meaning)

Up-Down Arrow Emoji(↕ meaning)

Upside-Down Face Emoji(🙃 meaning)

Upwards Button Emoji(🔼 meaning)

Vampire Emoji(🧛 meaning)

Vertical Traffic Light Emoji(🚦 meaning)

Vibration Mode Emoji(📳 meaning)

Video Camera Emoji(📹 meaning)

Video Game Emoji(🎮 meaning)

Videocassette Emoji(📼 meaning)

Violin Emoji(🎻 meaning)

Virgo Emoji(♍ meaning)

Volcano Emoji(🌋 meaning)

Volleyball Emoji(🏐 meaning)

Vulcan Salute Emoji(🖖 meaning)

Waning Crescent Moon Emoji(🌘 meaning)

Waning Gibbous Moon Emoji(🌖 meaning)

Warning Emoji(⚠ meaning)

Wastebasket Emoji(🗑 meaning)

Watch Emoji(⌚ meaning)

Water Buffalo Emoji(🐃 meaning)

Water Closet Emoji(🚾 meaning)

Water Wave Emoji(🌊 meaning)

Watermelon Emoji(🍉 meaning)

Waving Hand Emoji(👋 meaning)

Waxing Crescent Moon Emoji(🌒 meaning)

Waxing Gibbous Moon Emoji(🌔 meaning)

Weary Cat Face Emoji(🙀 meaning)

Weary Face Emoji(😩 meaning)

Wedding Emoji(💒 meaning)

Whale Emoji(🐋 meaning)

Wheel of Dharma Emoji(☸ meaning)

Wheelchair Symbol(♿ meaning)

White Flag Emoji(🏳 meaning)

White Flower Emoji(💮 meaning)

Frowning Face Emoji(☹ meaning)

White Heavy Check Mark Emoji(✅ meaning)

Backhand Index Pointing Left Emoji(👈 meaning)

Star Emoji(⭐ meaning)

Sun Behind Large Cloud Emoji(🌥 meaning)

Index Pointing Up Emoji(☝ meaning)

Wilted Flower Emoji(🥀 meaning)

Wind Face Emoji(🌬 meaning)

Wind Chime Emoji(🎐 meaning)

Wine Glass Emoji(🍷 meaning)

Wolf Face Emoji(🐺 meaning)

Woman Artist Emoji(👩🎨 meaning)

Woman Astronaut Emoji(👩🚀 meaning)

Woman Biking Emoji(🚴♀ meaning)

Woman Bouncing Ball Emoji(⛹♀ meaning)

Woman Bowing Emoji(🙇♀ meaning)

Woman Cartwheeling Emoji(🤸♀ meaning)

Woman Climbing Emoji(🧗♀ meaning)

Woman Construction Worker Emoji(👷♀ meaning)

Woman Cook Emoji(👩🍳 meaning)

Woman Detective Emoji(🕵♀ meaning)

Woman Elf Emoji(🧝♀ meaning)

Woman Emoji(👩 meaning)

Woman Facepalming Emoji(🤦♀ meaning)

Woman Factory Worker Emoji(👩🏭 meaning)

Woman Fairy Emoji(🧚♀ meaning)

Woman Farmer Emoji(👩🌾 meaning)

Woman Firefighter Emoji(👩🚒 meaning)

Woman Frowning Emoji(🙍♀ meaning)

Woman Genie Emoji(🧞♀ meaning)

Woman Gesturing No Emoji(🙅♀ meaning)

Woman Gesturing Ok Emoji(🙆♀ meaning)

Woman Getting Haircut Emoji(💇♀ meaning)

Woman Getting Massage Emoji(💆♀ meaning)

Woman Golfing Emoji(🏌♀ meaning)

Woman Guard Emoji(💂♀ meaning)

Woman Health Worker Emoji(👩⚕ meaning)

Woman in Lotus Position Emoji(🧘♀ meaning)

Woman in Steamy Room Emoji(🧖♀ meaning)

Woman Judge Emoji(👩⚖ meaning)

Woman Juggling Emoji(🤹♀ meaning)

Woman Lifting Weights Emoji(🏋♀ meaning)

Woman Mage Emoji(🧙♀ meaning)

Woman Mechanic Emoji(👩🔧 meaning)

Woman Mountain Biking Emoji(🚵♀ meaning)

Woman Office Worker Emoji(👩💼 meaning)

Woman Pilot Emoji(👩✈ meaning)

Woman Playing Handball Emoji(🤾♀ meaning)

Woman Playing Water Polo Emoji(🤽♀ meaning)

Woman Police Officer Emoji(👮♀ meaning)

Woman Pouting Emoji(🙎♀ meaning)

Woman Raising Hand Emoji(🙋♀ meaning)

Woman Rowing Boat Emoji(🚣♀ meaning)

Woman Running Emoji(🏃♀ meaning)

Woman Scientist Emoji(👩🔬 meaning)

Woman Shrugging Emoji(🤷♀ meaning)

Woman Singer Emoji(👩🎤 meaning)

Woman Student Emoji(👩🎓 meaning)

Woman Surfing Emoji(🏄♀ meaning)

Woman Swimming Emoji(🏊♀ meaning)

Woman Teacher Emoji(👩🏫 meaning)

Woman Technologist Emoji(👩💻 meaning)

Woman Tipping Hand Emoji(💁♀ meaning)

Woman Vampire Emoji(🧛♀ meaning)

Woman Walking Emoji(🚶♀ meaning)

Woman Wearing Turban Emoji(👳♀ meaning)

People with Bunny Ears Emoji(👯 meaning)

Woman with Headscarf Emoji(🧕 meaning)

Woman Zombie Emoji(🧟♀ meaning)

Women’s Room Emoji(🚺 meaning)

Women Wrestling Emoji(🤼♀ meaning)

World Map Emoji(🗺 meaning)

Wrapped Gift Emoji(🎁 meaning)

Wrench Emoji(🔧 meaning)

Writing Hand Emoji(✍ meaning)

Yellow Heart Emoji(💛 meaning)

Yen Banknote Emoji(💴 meaning)

Yin Yang Emoji(☯ meaning)

Zany Face Emoji(🤪 meaning)

Zebra Emoji(🦓 meaning)

Zipper-Mouth Face Emoji(🤐 meaning)

Zombie Emoji(🧟 meaning)

Zzz Emoji(💤 meaning)

should emoji combos

should👼🏻 meaning

should👶🏻 meaning

should👇🏻 meaning

should👈🏻 meaning

should👆🏻 meaning

should🚴🏻 meaning

should👱🏻♂ meaning

should👱🏻 meaning

should👱🏻♀ meaning

should👦🏻 meaning

should🤱🏻 meaning

should👰🏻 meaning

should🤙🏻 meaning

should🤸🏻 meaning

should🧒🏻 meaning

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should👧🏻 meaning

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should👨🏻🎨 meaning

should👨🏻🚀 meaning

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should🚴🏻♂ meaning

should⛹🏻♂ meaning

should🙇🏻♂ meaning

should🤸🏻♂ meaning

should🧗🏻♂ meaning

should👷🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻🍳 meaning

should🕺🏻 meaning

should🕵🏻♂ meaning

should🧝🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻 meaning

should🤦🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻🏭 meaning

should🧚🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻🌾 meaning

should👨🏻🚒 meaning

should🙍🏻♂ meaning

should🙅🏻♂ meaning

should🙆🏻♂ meaning

should💇🏻♂ meaning

should💆🏻♂ meaning

should🏌🏻♂ meaning

should💂🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻⚕ meaning

should🕴🏻 meaning

should🧘🏻♂ meaning

should🧖🏻♂ meaning

should🤵🏻 meaning

should👨🏻⚖ meaning

should🤹🏻♂ meaning

should🏋🏻♂ meaning

should🧙🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻🔧 meaning

should🚵🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻💼 meaning

should👨🏻✈ meaning

should🤾🏻♂ meaning

should🤽🏻♂ meaning

should👮🏻♂ meaning

should🙎🏻♂ meaning

should🙋🏻♂ meaning

should🚣🏻♂ meaning

should🏃🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻🔬 meaning

should🤷🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻🎤 meaning

should👨🏻🎓 meaning

should🏄🏻♂ meaning

should🏊🏻♂ meaning

should👨🏻🏫 meaning

should👨🏻💻 meaning

should💁🏻♂ meaning

should🧛🏻♂ meaning

should🚶🏻♂ meaning

should👳🏻♂ meaning

should👲🏻 meaning

should💆🏻 meaning

should🧜🏻♀ meaning

should🧜🏻♂ meaning

should🧜🏻 meaning

should🖕🏻 meaning

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should🤶🏻 meaning

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should👉🏻 meaning

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should🤴🏻 meaning

should👸🏻 meaning

should🤚🏻 meaning

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should✋🏻 meaning

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should🤳🏻 meaning

should🤷🏻 meaning

should🤘🏻 meaning

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should🏋🏻 meaning

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