emojis for microphone emoji

🎀 Meaning of emoji Microphone Emoji

The image of a wireless microphone with a musical note above it is the emoji symbol for karaoke or for recorded music. People generally associate it with the act of singing live. Microphone Emoji can mean β€œYesterday's live concert was great!” or β€œI can sing as well as her.”

 emojis for microphone emoji

πŸŽ™οΈ Meaning of emoji Studio Microphone Emoji

The image of a studio microphone is the emoji that represents live music. It can refer to the object itself, but it is more often related to singers or singing without back up. Studio Microphone Emoji can mean 'She is an extraordinary jazz singer!' or 'He dropped the mike during the concert!' or 'I love live concerts the most!'.

 emojis for microphone emoji

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