emojis for loudspeaker emoji

πŸ“’ Meaning of emoji Loudspeaker Emoji

The emoji of a public address loudspeaker generally represents transmitting a message or news out loud. It is commonly used to emphasize that a message is important and that it should be heard and paid attention to. Loudspeaker Emoji can mean β€œListen to this!” or β€œHear me out!”.

 emojis for loudspeaker emoji

Emoji meaning Bell EmojiπŸ””

Emoji meaning Bell with Slash EmojiπŸ”•

Emoji meaning Megaphone EmojiπŸ“£

Emoji meaning Muted Speaker EmojiπŸ”‡

Emoji meaning Postal Horn EmojiπŸ“―

Emoji meaning Loudspeaker EmojiπŸ“’

Emoji meaning Speaker Low Volume EmojiπŸ”ˆ

Emoji meaning Speaker Medium Volume EmojiπŸ”‰

Emoji meaning Speaker High Volume EmojiπŸ”Š

πŸ”” meaning

πŸ”• meaning

πŸ“£ meaning

πŸ”‡ meaning

πŸ“― meaning

πŸ“’ meaning

πŸ”ˆ meaning

πŸ”‰ meaning

πŸ”Š meaning